Todor Djordjevic is the founder and owner of Tosha Fitness. He is an award winning author with a diverse fitness and education background. He is an athlete, international fitness and health expert, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instructor, and a cross-cultural specialist.

Todor has worked with the U.S. Department of State as an educator in Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.A. He has entered the global stage with the book 10 Super Easy Steps to Your Dream Body 3x. In particular, his 3x Body Fat Attack Program has helped many to become physically fit.

In his interview with the Men’s Health Magazine, Todor said:

“My inner-motivation and self-discipline techniques are based on Napoleon Hill’s and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Principles of Success. I don’t believe in limits and plateaus. They are only created by our mind. I believe in persistence, patience, productivity, and possibility. These qualities always produce results!”

Todor’s father was his legitimate role model. At the age of seven, his father showed him basic body-weight exercises. Therefore, 50 push-ups and sit-ups have always preceded playing tennis.

In addition to exercise, music has always played an important role in Todor’s life. “Music greatly helps me to fight stress and fully relax. I still love playing my French-Horn” Todor said.

At the age of 16, Todor was the best French-Horn player in Yugoslavia. Music and exercise have taught him to be patient, consistent, and hard-working. Four years later, he moved to California and completed his university undergraduate studies with honors. At that time, he also took up long-distance running.

In his early 30’s, Todor moved to Indonesia. The tropical weather of South-East Asia was too hot and humid to jog outside, so he joined a local gym. Lifting weights (and getting high on endorphins) became his passion.

Todor currently lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he dedicates himself to fighting obesity through increasing proper diet solutions and fitness awareness. Some of his publications include: 0-6 Pack Abs Fast: 5 Flat Belly Secrets – No Gym Needed, 5 Super Easy Steps to Naturally Reverse Your Diabetes – A New Diet and Exercise Program, Forever Young Diet Secrets: The 10 Best Anti-Aging, High-Metabolism, Negative Calorie Super-Foods for Weight Loss and Get Fit and Sexy in 30 Days: The New Paleo Diet Plan for Beginners.


2013 Fulbright – Hayes Fellowship Award for Advanced Indonesian Language Studies (Manado, Indonesia)

2011/2012 English Language Fellowship (EFL) Award for Intercultural Education and Development of East Asia and Pacific (Palembang, Indonesia)

2007 Fulbright – Hayes Fellowship Award for Advanced Indonesian Language Studies (Salatiga, Indonesia)

1999 General David C. Henley Family – Consular Scholarship Award for Most Diverse Multicultural Perspective (San Diego, USA)


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